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How water pumps installation helped the individuals living in various villages in Biharamulo District.


Water is a precious yet non-renewable resource. Yet in Tanzania, the same water can be a source of life and death. Water is not only the most basic of need but also at the center of sustainable development and essential for poverty eradication. Water is intimately linked to health, agriculture, energy and biodiversity. Without progress on water, reaching other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will be difficult if not impossible. The fight against poverty will remain a pipe dream. 


In Bihalamuro district, there have been alot of challenges when it comes to water availability. Equiplus Company was employed as a problem solver by introducing indian mark II water pump as a way to access underground water that could solve the scarcity of water in the district.


The supply, installation, testing, commissioning & training of Indian mark II water pumps at  were conducted at Mwembeni and Kilibata in Runazi village, Kwa Mailkiholo, Nemba and Ramboni in Nemba village, Kanyinamwizo in Kabukome village, Kaguruka in Nyarubungo village, Nyamasene in Ntungamo village, Motondo in Katahoka village and Atanizi in Isambara village in Biharamulo district.


"As a certified company, we have seen up close how Indian Mark II water pumps work and attain outstanding results that helps solve the water scarcity problem. So we decide to to employ this technology to solve the current water scarcity situation in Biharamulo District."

Biharamulo District
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